Vitiligo: Stress or Genetic Inheritance?

For years graying of our hair has perturbed man. Vitiligo is understood to follow similar principal on the grounds of both diagnosis and prognosis. It is highly believed that the cause may lie completely in the genetic inheritance of the patient. Other causes could be

Auto-immune disease
Production of Cytokines
Emotional distress

Recent research delve into the realm of stress causing such discoloration. It is important to realize that the the key to a healthy life is a healthy mind. This is only one of thousand other illnesses caused by stress. While Vitiligo is almost always associated with other auto immune diseases the cure for it is debatable.

Non surgically it can be cured through nutrition supplements, creams , steroids and UVB / PUVA photo-therapy. Surgically skin grafting and Melanocyte transplant are open options. A modified Pseudocatalase, a new compound that reverses oxidative stress is also being considered as a viable option.

It is important to realize that however dormant it is declared it still is a skin abnormality and should not be taken lightly. A proper skin biopsy reveals the details of the disease and eliminates differentials like:

Pityarisis Alba
Tubercoloid Leprosy
Post inflammatory Hyper pigmentation
Tinea Versicolor
Primary Adrenal Insufficiency

Mental distress, apart from being a cause also presents itself as a result. Living with Vitiligo is tough and can take a toll on the patient. Thankfully they don’t need to live with it. Modern medical science presents us with options which may fully or partially heal this disease.

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