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West Coast Marketing Partners is a full service Marketing and Management company with expertise in multiple Product and Service Industries. West Coast Marketing Partners has the experience and resources to provide the services needed to give your business the proper exposure and increase your overall customer base.


Some of West Coast Marketing Partners’ many services include:


  • Direct Sales and Sales Consulting
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Print, Radio & Television Media Advertising
  • Project Management
  • Document Imaging & Conversion
  • IT Consulting


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Power Swabs Teeth Whitening: A Comprehensive Review

About Power Swabs

On your glow-up journey? Power Swabs is a teeth whitening service designed to turn those coffee stains into a glimmering set of pearly whites. Offered as a one-time purchase, members can buy a 7-day kit to use in the comfort of their own homes. Despite having just 4k followers across its social media pages, Power Swabs has gained some notoriety and has been featured in media outlets like FOX10 News and WCNC.

Power Swabs

The Dr. Martin Giniger Difference

Dr. Martin Giniger, with over 30 years of dentistry experience, believed in a different approach. He created his own … Read the rest

Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry: The Impact of American Communications Network (ACN)

In our fast-paced world, staying connected has become crucial for success, both in business and personal relationships. The ever-evolving telecom industry continually pushes the boundaries, introducing exciting developments that redefine communication as we know it. One such groundbreaking force is American Communications Network (ACN), a trailblazing company at the forefront of revolutionizing the telecom industry. ACN stands out as a leading provider of telecommunications services and products, including phone, internet, and television services. However, what truly sets ACN apart is its innovative business model, empowering individuals to become independent business owners and generate income by marketing ACN’s cutting-edge Read the rest

Applying For Obamacare Penalty Exemptions

Photo by ShanMcG213

As a result, these customers are able to take advantage of certain exemptions offered by the IRS when they file their taxes.  However, many people claim the Obamacare exemption for other reasons, such as eviction or a death in the family. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know about Obamacare Penalty Exemptions.

Obamacare Penalty Exemptions
Photo by ShanMcG213

The penalty for denying Obamacare coverage has increased from $95 to $325 for the 2015 tax year, which can also be calculated as an increase from one percent to two percent of income.  For anyone with unpaid penalties for 2015, the penalty increases to $695 … Read the rest

Reviews on the Empower Network – The Hottest Online Business Opportunities

Photo by greyweed

Professional reviews on Empower Network- This can be very important that you might need an Empower Network Review before you join the Network! It is good to you must essential local licensing the important points and you also realize how this feature works, in and out. We now have taken the amount of time to kick our review down into easy to understand sections. For those who have inquiries or comments for this network review, commentary will work with the comments form for the very bottom of your page.

Empower Network photo
Photo by greyweed

Precisely what is The Empower Network

One should first … Read the rest

Are Teeth Whitening Product Safe??

Westfrisco / Pixabay

There are many reasons for stained teeth; these include drinking coffee, green tea, red wine; smoking; age; previous fillings; excessive fluoride and tetracycline antibiotic absorption. To overcome this problem many people are using a teeth whitening product.

Teeth Whitening Product
Westfrisco / Pixabay

Whitening toothpaste only removes the extrinsic stains on the outside of the teeth. While treating the intrinsic stains requires an excellent teeth whitening product.

But are these products safe?? Yes, most undoubtedly. Powerswabs-review shows that teeth bleaching are secure and efficient if you follow the teeth whitening manufacturer’s instructions. Some persons may experience gum irritation in addition to tooth Read the rest

Seeking Cheap, Fast And Reliable CD Duplication?

CD Duplication, also referred as “burning”, is the process of making multiple copies or replicates from an original copy of an optical disc or a master CD. This method of duplication entails the usage of a Blank CD whether CD-R or CD-RW. Duplication can be possible with other optical media discs including DVDs.

CD Duplication
Modern machine for DVD duplication.

In the past, CD “burners” are employed by most people to obtain additional copies of an optical disc and reproduce the same content. The “burners” tend to be incorporated on pcs or drives rendering their easy accessibility for private use. However, “burners” … Read the rest