Written Or Video Based Tutorials

Tutorials can be presented as both, a training method and updating one’s information. There are simple and easy seminars for basic courses or complex and involved for difficult procedures. A written tutorial is a document clarifying the procedure in a step by step format. It’s either available online for download or can be printed on a page. They are also inserted in the software as Help instructions. The information delivered is descriptive in nature and gives practical details. Written tutorials can be used as reference guides for a specific problem. you can find various training via trainingconnection.com/dreamweaver-training.php and other online resources.

To involve the learner, we can present the tutorial in the form of a story, adding pictures, description and music. A PowerPoint presentation with pictures and sounds makes for an interesting tutorial. Responses and short questions can also be included on the tutorial to estimate learner response. Written tutorials are mainly prepared as PDF, word or PowerPoint documents.

Video classes are the most likely form of instructions. They involve the learner in close to real life situations. These tutorials are very interactive. They train the student to respond to a given condition by simulating a process onscreen or presenting a video on it. Video tutorials are typically for a short time period. They tend to cover a specific process within a distance of five to fifteen minutes. A written document is less scary to a new user as opposite to a video tutorial.

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