Why Free Diving Is The Best Sport

Snorkelers do qualify, but there is important element separating freedivers from snorkelers (& this is heresay) – apparently you accomplish a feeling of true ease & relaxation under the water. You live in the moment, so absorbed that an hour under water (obviously not all in go if you are free diving!) erases a week of worries…

We’ve discussed of our favourite pastimes often here – scuba diving, but there is an additional dimension to diving – free diving. Free diving has become an extreme sport where competitors try to attain great depths on a single breath – without the help of underwater breathing equipment. However, this is not only a competitive sport. A simple definition of free diving is “an inch as well as a breath” – or otherwise. an inch underwater on a breath of air. You needn’t be an athlete to enjoy free diving because the sport is more about mindset, process & correct weighting than strength. You can also contact to The Nomad Trip for more information.

The record holder for free diving, an amazingly unsafe sport, is Patrick Musimi who dived an amazing 687 feet on breath. He was under water for close to minutes.

Wikipedia’s definition of free diving is: any of various aquatic activities that share the practice of breath-holding underwater diving. Examples include breath hold spear fishing, free-dive photography, apnea competitions &, to a degree, snorkeling. The activity that garners the most public attention is competitive apnea, an extreme sport, in which competitors try to attain great depths, times or distances on a single breath without direct assistance of a self-contained underwater breathing equipment (scuba).

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