What To Consider When Choosing An Apron Feeder

When choosing an apron feeder consider the following;

1. Reliability and ease of maintenance.

A good apron must be reliable for usage and easy to maintain. Therefore, consider one that is made from a quality strong material like steel and has the right chains and rollers.

2. Durability

Since an apron feeder is used in mining and quarrying operations, it must be made of a durable material. Steel is one of the strongest and heavy material that can withstand heavy weights and rugged edges hence making it durable. It can also withstand extremely sharp, hot and cold materials without damage.

3. Size

An apron feeder should have chains of the correct size while the head and tail shafts should have large diameters for effective handling of materials.

In addition to the above, consider an apron feeder that is made of standard cast manganese pans, one that has variable speed drives, carry rollers that can be changed without need of raising the chain and one with wide apron pans.

It is also important to get one with a good length designed for the control of the rate at which feeding is done so as to help minimize chances of excess loads on the belt conveyor and other equipment.

An apron feeder made of high quality components helps in reducing maintenance cost as it can operate efficiently under heavy use without breaking down.

A good apron feeder also should have a hopper built properly to allow large volumes of materials to be fed into the belt. This also will enable the process to go faster as materials are poured more quickly.

An apron feeder installed under a hopper or bin is efficient since the hopper deposits materials being dumped by bulldozers, shovels or any other tool into another equipment. The rate at which this done can be easily controlled by adjusting the belt.

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