What Is Web Hosting

If you are new to the world of online business, you may find many terms that are confusing. One such term is web hosting. You may wonder what is web hosting. In simple terms, web hosting is the way in which your website makes its way into the World Wide Web, so that people can find it. This website is stored on a computer known as a server and when people are looking for a service or product that your website is dealing with, the server will make your website available to them.

There are many different types of web hosting services. A web hosting service can be shared with multiple websites or it can be hosted alone on a dedicated server. It all depends on the requirements of the website owner. There are even free website hosting companies, but these offer limited functions and are also pretty rare. Host gator.com is one of the best web hosting service providers that has a range of different hosting solutions for websites. Hence, people have the choice of checking these hosting solutions and picking one that best suits the needs of their website.

Without web hosting, it would be impossible for people to find your website. So this is a fairly important service, as it makes your website available in the World Wide Web.

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