What is uTokenUsa?

uToken usa

uToken is a digital currency system which allows “payment” for goods and services wherever it’s accepted. The real-money value of uTokens are backed up at a rate of 22% with accounts at UDBP Bank, BDG Bank and NICO Finance.Merchants and individuals may also use uToken usa for bartering exchanges amongst each other. There is $100,000,000 USD invested in UDBP Bank to shore up the uTokens. Owners of those original 100 million now have 6 times the value.There are currently 600 million UTokens available. There were originally 100 million, but after 2 splits, the number grew.Purchasing them from the website requires a member login, which is free.You can buy uTokens at their website, or you may acquire them through bartering your goods or services.

Well, there’s the “UBT Mall”, which has a website and serves as a shopping portal for merchants who accept the uTokens. You may also acquire them through the uFun system, which is the referral program for uTokens.You won’t see Macy’s or UnderArmour here.It’s a bit different from your average portal, however, since products are listed under the guise of the UBT Mall rather than any retail names. But shopping for jeans with your uToken isn’t why you’re here. In fact, some of the product pictures look a bit like eBay photos…stretched out, homespun and badly lit.

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