What do you Know of Dogs? You Can Learn More Here?

It is possible that the only fact you know about dogs is that they eat meat and bark on seeing strangers and that is why it is kept for security. It is not a crime because probably you do not love dogs. But from www.dogfactsforkids.com website, we can help you know more about this animal. This was the first animal to be domesticated by man from the rich history available. The early human kept the dog for security, food, fur as well as a beast of burden. Today, the dog has been taught many more skills and it is now used for herding, doing military searches, hunting, detecting bombs and other weapons and as a guide for handicapped persons specifically the blind. This is because a dog among the most intelligent animals. A dog is known to be very loyal to the owner.

Dogs are lovable and obedient therefore better to keep as pets. Pure breeds in the world add up to more than 700 among them including but not limited to Bulldog, Collie, St Bernard, German shepherd and Boxer; The most popular breed in the world being Labrador. Other than meat, dogs also feed on vegetables and grains. They can live for up to ten to fourteen years. A young one of a dog is a puppy. And did you know that a puppy is born without teeth, blind as well as deaf? Why do you think dogs keep their tongue out most of the time? This is because they only breathe through their tongue. The nose is mainly for smelling and can even detect when man has cancer at whatever part of the body. Each dog has 42 teeth that are permanent and 321 bones.

The female dog carries the puppy for up to 60 days before birth. The heartbeat of a healthy dog is 50% faster than that of man with 120 beats per minute unlike of man which is 72 beats per minute. Their ears are very sensitive and they therefore do not love the sound of rain since its intensification can hurt their ears.

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