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Anthony Morrison quickly understands that targeted traffic is a must if you want to generate sales with eye-popping checks or PayPal stats that would make anyone proud. No, it’s not a question of “How to increase website traffic?” Instead, it’s about quality website visitors, who are highly interested in what you are trying to sell. Whatever tactic you are using to generate traffic, you need to entice your visitors, get them to click on links, and then give them what you promised once they arrive at your site.

According to Anthony Morrison, and this traffic with Anthony course here are some excellent ways to obtain targeted traffic to your website: Videos – Would you like to read an article on how to repair a clogged gutter, or would you rather watch a short video explaining the same thing? According to the people who work with statistics at Google, they say people are more interested in watching videos (and they are much smarter than most of us). For that reason, Google purchased YouTube years ago because they knew where the trend was heading. Make your videos entertaining and educational, and make sure you give viewers an opportunity to click on a link back to your site.

Forums – Forums offer you a way to communicate with people who might be interested in visiting your site. First, you need to add some value to the forum by answering others questions, and participating in various debates. However, you need to make sure that the forum is related to what you are selling. What does coin collecting have to do with a dating forum? Not much.

So, if you join a dating forum and place a call-to-action in your signature file, you’re not going to get much quality traffic back to your site. So, find niche related forums to increase qualified visitors. PPC – You undoubtedly have to know what you are doing with Pay Per Click marketing, or you could lose your hard earned money. Yet, there is hardly any way to get faster targeted traffic to your site than by using Traffic with Anthony. To do this, you will need to know what keywords are likely profitable, and you need to write tight and precise ads. Make sure you qualify your keyword phrases before putting a lot of money up front on your ads. Also, you should do split-testing with similar phrases in the same type of ads.

Once you find something that is profitable, you can shift gears and start using more ads with those that are working. Freebies – Anthony Morrison likes to give away valuable freebies to people who visit his site. A great way to increase visitors to your website is to offer them a free e-book, report, or valuable tips on something related to your site. Everyone likes the idea of receiving something enjoyable for free. By completing this act of kindness, you could end up with a potential member and customer for life.

In Conclusion as you can see, there are many methods of producing targeted traffic. By implementing a few of these tactics, you will be able to see a sharp spike in the amount of traffic to your website. If you are offering something worthwhile, you should see an increase in your profitability, as well. This is just a small sample of what can be achieved with a little effort and planning. For more information on how to implement these tactics, check out Traffic with Anthony.

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