Toronto Real Estate Board

According to the manual that lists all of their policies and guidelines, the Toronto Real Estate Board is a group that has a continuous commitment to assist the various real estate people and the various real estate brokers who enlist who actually make up the TREB group of members. In addition to this, those who are a part of the TREB, also become members Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA, for short) and also the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA, for short). As you can see, becoming a member of the TREB comes with a vast amount of very important resources and knowledge.

When it comes to real estate boards, the Toronto Real Estate Board is the main and most important board in the entire Greater Toronto area. This board also serves as the home base for nearly every single realtor agent and broker in the Greater Toronto area and all of the area immediately surrounding Toronto. All of the members of the TREB use their systems every single day to help create listings in the Multiple Listing Service, or the MLS as it is known for short, and on top of being one of the flagships of Canadian real estate, the TREB has grown so large that it has actually become one of the largest real estate boards in ALL of North America! (And yes, that is including the United States.)

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