Time Management Suggestion

1. Plan ahead. Have a clear notion of all the jobs you need to perform on a specified day. For example, if you have to work on a job, which is due to be submitted five days after, do not busy yourself with that duty only for five days.

Instead take a family member to the physician for an appointment, go through some related reading material or break down the job into small bites while waiting. All the while, make sure that you complete it before the deadline and keep working on your duty in bits.

2. While prioritizing, it is extremely helpful to write down a to-do list and number the jobs in accordance to what is most urgent or most significant, or both. Try sitting down every evening for ten minutes to create a priority list for the next day.

Try writing down just six jobs for a day in the beginning. Writing too many pointers results in the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Do not forget to chunk down the jobs you are writing in your priority list. Your work isn’t divided by do into over – sized groups.

If a job on the list does not get finished, transfer it onto the next day’s list. Write each day’s to-do list in ten minutes consistently for 21 consecutive days. You will finally become the champion of time management in less than a month, if the list is followed by you. There are many sites (such as and many others) available through which you can learn how to manage time.

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