The Rich History Of Cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest sport in the world that was first played in 1301 by Prince Edward, but there is no solid evidence about the incident. This sport was initially confined to only western part of England, but over time, it got spread in the whole United Kingdom. Cricket is known as a royal sport which is played only by the true gentlemen. The cricket is now widely played in South east Asia, Australia, Southern Africa, Western Europe and in some parts of the Caribbean islands.

The United Kingdom has a special place for cricket and they love this sport very much. It doesn’t matter whether it is a test match or a country match, you will always see a packed stadium. Ireland is also very actively involved in the sport for the last 2 decades or so. Ireland has produced a lot of talented players like Ryan Eagle which has made the country proud. Cricket is the 3rd most popular game in Ireland, but you can see the enthusiasm in the people regarding this sport. You can read all the amazing facts and figures about this great sport on the internet or in the sports magazines. This sport has a rich history and we should all respect that.

The Rich History Of Cricket by
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