Teff Flour 4lb Review

Very pleased with this flour. I am a baker and have recently been experimenting with ordering my flour from online stores after some problems with local outlets. A few times I have received damaged/torn packaging, but this package managed to survive it’s long journey unscathed: the package was pristine and unmolested.

I ordered this 4lbs teff flour to test the overall quality of the product and purchasing process looking for a new source for bulk. While I am still undecided and shopping around, Asli is definitely near the top of my list. It is very high quality flour. Shipping was fast. Packaging sufficient. It has a somewhat distinct flavor when compared to other whole grain flours. The difference is striking when compared to regular store-bought flour here in the US. You can definitely detect the difference in taste, even with a simple palate. It is both subtle yet distinctive.

Overall I am very pleased with my order from Asli and will probably be purchasing more of their flour in the near future. I did not have any problems or any reason to contact their customer service, but was glad to see their number clearly printed on the label. I will definitely be featuring some products baked with Asli in my bakery to utilize it’s distinctive flavor.

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