Make Your Travel Fund Fat

Financial conditions have increasingly dropped. The value of money has gone down. People are losing jobs. But here I am going around the world. You might think I am moneyed, but I am not. It has always been a mystery to people around me how I am able to travel and has the capability to buy cheap flights to Spain, most especially. But how am I be able to book for cheap flights to Alicante Spain and everywhere else, reserve rooms in exotic places, and take advantage of tours and adventures overseas?

Well, here’s my secret: I manage my finances … Read the rest

Head For European Summer Tours This Season

If its Europe that you are planning for a vacation, make sure you head for the exotic continent in the summer months as the summer is the best time to be there. Europe in summer will give an unforgettable experience that you may not otherwise know. It is only after the harsh snow of the winter months has melted away and bright sunny days have made their way in, can you enjoy Europe to the fullest be it Greece, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Britain or any other country. Mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, valleys, ridges, Europes magnificent landscape … Read the rest