The Reward is Worth the Price for Energy Solutions

How often are we looking for ways to not only decrease our dependence on certain forms of energy, but to also just decrease our expenses? Its an uphill battle that we factor in every day, while we all look for avenues that we can avoid in order to cut corners.

In running an inventory of all of your large costs, what are some of the biggest ticket items? Surely fuelling your home is likely one of the biggest costs you face each month. And the frustrating (and scary) thing about that is that this high cost isnt going anywhere, except … Read the rest

What it Takes to be a Tinted Window Trustee

Have you ever heard of a tinted windows trustee? Chances are you havent, but can you believe that these people exist? I should know I am one. So, what is one of these trustees, and what do we do?

Heres the overview. As a trustee of tint as I like to call myself I am essentially and advocate for homes and businesses considering going the way of tint. I am like an ambassador. You see, its not an easy decision to go tint, even though in reality its not a hard process. But people are hesitant to instal window tintingRead the rest