Lap Band Surgery – Latest Weight Loss Solution

Today’s life is much faster than it was earlier few decades ago. Today people are more focused towards their targets, their achievements and their work. Today we consume quick foods or junk foods that harms on your body. Many of us understand this undeniable fact that these food items harm us but nevertheless we do not have sufficient time for you to prepare healthy food. Because of these things we easily get affected most abundant in common problem that’s generally known as Obesity.

Obesity is a problem itself and also it may be the mother of other diseases like heart … Read the rest

Dr. Tony Mork: Endoscopic Spine Surgery Vs. More Invasive Techniques

Did you know that technology could save your life? Well, if you are suffering from spinal or leg complications, you can undergo a simple minimally invasive procedure and have great recovery odds. Undergoing an endoscopic spinal surgery can be a very viable option for certain patients, explains spine specialist Dr. Tony Mork.

Endoscopic spinal surgery effectiveness will greatly count on whether you had a previous operation and the level of damage done to your nerves. People who have never undergone any spinal surgery respond the same way they would to normal surgeries, only they tend to recover faster and … Read the rest

When To Consider Lumbar Laser Surgery

If you have a severe case of spinal stenosis, your doctor will recommend lumbar laser surgery. Feel free to watch this video showing how this is an alternative to back or neck surgery and how it can relieve back and neck pain. Many spinal conditions can be treated and you can be provided with good medical care. The techniques used in the treatment can address bone issues and soft tissue problems. The surgery will be minimally invasive and a good doctor who can perform the procedure is the one who has performed thousands of surgeries. Spinal surgery can be done … Read the rest