Where To Buy Wireless Speakers

If you are planning to buy wireless speakers but don’t know where to look for a good deal, you may as well check out the internet for help. You will be surprised to find that the web has a lot of nice options for you to choose from. Unlike visiting your local suppliers of speakers, the internet allows you to browse from one store to another. Hence, you have the advantage of comparing their prices and features. Moreover, this allows you to stay in your budget as well.

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How To Split Frequencies In A Speaker

Most types of loudspeakers use several transducers. The simplest speaker using multiple transducers is called “2-way speaker”. In this case, the speaker has two drivers, one woofer and one tweeter. There are hardly any drivers on the market that can reproduce the full audible frequency spectrum. Therefore manufacturers use multiple drivers.

A higher-end speaker uses 3 or even more drivers. A 3-way speaker uses one or two woofers along with a midrange speaker and a tweeter. Inside the speaker is a crossover. The crossover is a critical element which is responsible for splitting the audio signal into several components.

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