My Tips On Recovering Photos And Files On Samsung Galaxy

Last Christmas I received a Samsung Galaxy unit as a present from my husband. It was a dream come true to me since I really long to have this phone but can’t afford to buy one because of our tight budget. Hence, life has never been better since I owned this phone. In fact, I find it very useful and handy when taking pictures of our family during candid moments. And because its pixels are clear enough, your videos and pictures will always turn out to be very nice.

I usually find time to store the pictures of my phone … Read the rest

How Easy It Is Spy On Mobile Phone

For any reasons, if you wanted to spy your children’s mobile, it was an impossible task. But, this task is now made easy. Now, you can comfortably spy and of course you do not get detected. All that you have to do is to install the Mobistealth spy software and that would do the job for you. As the very name suggest, this a stealthy process to spy the mobile phone.

The whole process is quite simple and easy. In the first place you buy the software and upload it to your mobile. It involves simple steps and it is … Read the rest