Relationship Counselling and How It Can Help

Some of the largest issues that people bring to work on with a counsellor are to do with their relationships. These could be their relationships with their partners or spouse’s; relatives relationships; work relationships; etc. They may be about relationships that they have at present; in the past; or relationships they hope to have in the future.

Relatives work is another part of Relationship Counselling Sydney. This may involve helping kids and parents to communicate better. It may again involve individual or group sessions. Often relatives work can involve each person taking a look at the roles they play in the relatives and how these interact to cause the difficulties they are all facing. Regardless of the reasons or focus for relationship counselling it is often both challenging and rewarding work. At its best it can lead to healthier more stable relationships for all those involved.

For those who are in relationships there’s various possibilities why they might be seeking help. Perhaps something does not feel right for or both partners. person might have had an affair. Perhaps there is a used infant to cope with, or there may be difficulties with other kids. Perhaps the kids have grown up, the so called “empty nest syndrome”. Whether the issues are about going through a difficult time or about trying to keep the relationship going this may prompt the couple to seek help. You can also visit to get more info.

For those who are not in a relationship but are looking for counselling can also help. The counselling then may focus on why they are struggling to discover a relationship. This may involve exploring how they feel about past relationships. It may also involve taking a look at their hopes and goals for that relationship helping them to focus on realistic expectations. It may also involve working on any low self esteem or self worth issues they may have.

In this case the couple may select to have joint sessions with a counsellor to help them to speak about their situation.

Old Friendships

Old friendships are rekindled through social media. A friend from my high school days recently contacted me through Facebook. It is so nice to catch up with each other, and with just a few clicks, we are both able to go through each others albums and see each others families. We live thousands of miles away, so its not as easy as hopping in a car and going for a short drive to visit with each other. But it is nice to use technology to be able to catch up with each other and see what other people are doing. It is so important that as we grow and move on to different chapters of our lives, our circle of friends grow with us. But just as important, is holding on to those good friends that have touched your life along the way.

Sure, we all get busy with our lives, our families, our jobs and new friends. But its important that every now and then, we slow ourselves down. Take a breather to reflect on our past, remember happy memories. And reconnect with those that were important to you. One caution, I feel the need to mention to everyone. I am not talking about reconnecting with your high school boyfriend or anything of that sort. That could lead into trouble. I am talking about maybe your bff from high school or your college dorm room mate.

Learning From A Relationship Break-Up

Almost everyone who enters a romantic relationship is eventually disappointed. We all wonder why this happens. At the beginning, a woman may feel euphoric and that she has at last found “true love”. A man may feel extremely fortunate to have become involved with a woman who, in his dreams, he would not have expected to have chosen him.

The ending is painful for one or both partners. But, unfortunately, an ending does almost always come. Either one of the partners becomes lazy in contributing to the relationship, begins to see faults that were at first not apparent or finds that once the romance of beginnings passes, there is little else to keep the relationship together. It is a great help to be able to talk openly and honestly with one’s partner to discover why the relationship is ending and whether it could be saved.

However, most couples do not talk in this way, either because they are unable or unwilling. For this reason, it is vital to get relationship counselling from a well-qualified trusted and perhaps highly recommended health professional. If either partner is unwilling to take this last vital step, there is little hope for the continuation of a happy relationship. The ending is painful and difficult to accept and the person who feels most hurt may seek counselling alone. With deep thought and exploration of the events that led to the the break-up, a better relationship is very likely possible for a person who truly seeks to improve their weaknesses, let go of their illusions and better learn how to create an honest, satisfying relationship with a new partner in the future.