Commercial Vs. Residential Loan For Mixed-Use – What are The Legal Aspects And Considerations?

Mixed-use properties are most often present in big cities, but also exist in the suburbs. Composed of at least 2-3 units, they often contain nearly four to eight units, sometimes several more in large projects. It is quite safe to state that all owners of mixed-use properties would like to access to residential financing because the rates of interest are lower & the time to repay is longer than with most commercial loans.


Typically, mixed-use properties have one or maybe two units that are commercial-tail store, office, restaurant, or other little business. The remaining units are usually residential, in the kind of apartments for rent. Lots of of these properties will contain the little business on the first floor with the residences above or, sometimes, behind the commercial unit. Larger projects might have retail on floor, office space on floor & residential units above on or more floors. I suggest that if you need any sort of guidance, then just click on and visit other sources also that are pretty similar to it.


Suppose there are total four units, automatically, as per the rules, commercial loans, becomes necessary because most residential financing options are obtainable for 1-4 family properties only. Five units and may be above usually, need some kind of commercial financing, even if there is no commercial units involved. You can find some “hybrid” types of mortgage loans obtainable for five- to eight-family properties in case you search. Over eight units, however, normally requires commercial apartment building financing.

Getting Help To Claim Back PPI

PPI Konferenz 2011
PPI Konferenz 2011 (Photo credit: Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg)

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a financial product that customers of banks, credit card agencies, and other money lending organizations buy along with the loans or credit cards. These lending agencies are, in fact, cheating their customers all along because the customers are not made aware that they have to pay for the PPI. Most customers realize this too late and try to claim back PPI. The idea behind selling PPI is that the lending agencies can get back their money even if the customers are unable to pay their premiums due to some passing financial crisis, like a lost job or an accident. In such circumstances, the PPI will automatically make the premium payments until the time when the customers are able to pay it themselves.

However, it has been seen in almost all the cases related to loans and mortgages that the customers had been unknowingly paying for PPI all the time. In order to claim back PPI, these customers will have to get help from PPI claims experts because of the financial calculations involved. With the right kind of professional help, the customers can claim back PPI and succeed in winning back not just the claim amount but also any other hidden cost that they have had to incur.

No Easy Day: An Interesting Read!

No Easy Day, written by a member of the famous Navy Seal team, Mark Owen, is a first person account of the planning and execution of Bin Laden. He, along with other members of the Navy Seal team, witnessed Bin Laden’s final moments.

This book gives a detailed account of the 24 member team and how they trained for this special and very dangerous mission—that of killing Bin Laden. This book begins with the helicopter crash that could have ended the author’s life up to the call that told them that Bin Laden was dead.

Also, in No Easy Day, the author describes the battle that continues on concerning the war on terror. Owen also describes other missions that disclose what life is like working and being a SEAL. He also illustrated some of the skills, experiences and victories in the War on Terror. He shows what the Navy Seals and others in the military have been doing and continue to do, to help keep America safe.

In addition, “No Easy Day” shows how strong the camaraderie is between SEALS and the intensity and planning that is involved in such a project. Owen’s book also adds a very interesting human element to what happened during this mission and even describes how Bin Laden was handled as the “men hustled the body bag to the helicopter. The team knew the historical importance of what was going on but they also knew that they had to get the job done.

This is a fascinating account of what happened that day and it showed vividly what needs to be done with a person or person who is relentless in destroying human lives.