When To Consider Lumbar Laser Surgery

If you have a severe case of spinal stenosis, your doctor will recommend lumbar laser surgery. Feel free to watch this video showing how this is an alternative to back or neck surgery and how it can relieve back and neck pain. Many spinal conditions can be treated and you can be provided with good medical care. The techniques used in the treatment can address bone issues and soft tissue problems. The surgery will be minimally invasive and a good doctor who can perform the procedure is the one who has performed thousands of surgeries. Spinal surgery can be done through very small incisions since modern technology and science allows doctors to perform amazing procedures.

The procedure is extremely safe and there are minimal complications that can arise. Common conditions that can arise are an infection in your disc space once the procedure is done. The other risks will include bleeding or nerve damage. If you have any concerns about lumbar laser surgery, the doctor will gladly discuss them with you. You can expect minimal loss of blood and you will not require a blood transfusion. General anesthesia will be used but this might be accompanied by disorientation and nausea in recovery. There is a cocktail of narcotics that can be used and the patient is left in a comfortable “awake”, dream state allowing communication with the doctor.

Communication is important during lumbar laser surgery because the endoscopic spine specialist needs to know when the area that is painful is being approached so that nerve injury is avoided. The patient is advised to avoid bending and lifting anything heavier than ten pounds for a minimum of six weeks after surgery. Taking it easy for six weeks is advised and you can gradually return to your daily routine. The financial costs for the surgery should be considered and if you are insured, your insurance company will reimburse you for the treatment.