What is Motor Trade Insurance?

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Motor Trade insurance is also known as Road Risk Insurance and is generally taken out by somebody who runs a business involving the use of cars, motorbikes, vans or trucks. This could be buying and selling, repair or servicing, tyres and exhaust fitters or valeting services for instance. It does not matter what the size of the business is or how many days you work, there is a motortrade insurance policy to suit all circumstances and requirements.

Insurance cover can be arranged to be third party only, third party fire and theft or a fully comprehensive package. You could choose to use the services of an insurance broker to ensure you are getting the best deal and cover available. Insurance brokers are experts in their field and will usually have many years experience in the field. They will run your details against a bank of trusted insurance companies to make sure you get full cover at the best possible price.

Motor Trade Insurance can also be tailored to include cover against the loss or theft of your tools or vehicle contents. It can also protect you against claims made against you by the public for injury or damage with Motor Trade Liability Insurance.

Getting Help To Claim Back PPI

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PPI Konferenz 2011 (Photo credit: Piratepartei L√ętzebuerg)

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a financial product that customers of banks, credit card agencies, and other money lending organizations buy along with the loans or credit cards. These lending agencies are, in fact, cheating their customers all along because the customers are not made aware that they have to pay for the PPI. Most customers realize this too late and try to claim back PPI. The idea behind selling PPI is that the lending agencies can get back their money even if the customers are unable to pay their premiums due to some passing financial crisis, like a lost job or an accident. In such circumstances, the PPI will automatically make the premium payments until the time when the customers are able to pay it themselves.

However, it has been seen in almost all the cases related to loans and mortgages that the customers had been unknowingly paying for PPI all the time. In order to claim back PPI, these customers will have to get help from PPI claims experts because of the financial calculations involved. With the right kind of professional help, the customers can claim back PPI and succeed in winning back not just the claim amount but also any other hidden cost that they have had to incur.