Why Hire A Professional Editor/Proofreader

It is easy to assume that if you have good quality writing skills and are confident in your abilities, you will be able to edit your own work to a high standard.

For the vast majority of writers, however both novice and established this simply isn’t the case. Yes, you may be able to read over your work and correct basic errors, but are you picking up every single spelling mistake, plot hole and questionable use of grammar in your beloved manuscript?

The answer is usually a resounding no. Even the best author in the world needs help with proofreading and manuscript editing, and the main reason is this: writers get too close to their projects. They work on them for weeks, months, sometimes years, and in that time they’re likely to read their words hundreds and thousands of times over.

Taking a break from the manuscript and coming back to it with fresh eyes may work in picking up a couple of obvious mistakes, but fresh eyes are always freshest when they’re someone elses.

Giving your work over for critique can be hard, but a proofreader will be able to bring a much-needed new perspective to your manuscript. Having not heard about your story or novel before and having no preconceived notions about you as a person is a huge advantage; if you ask a friend to proofread, they will probably (whether subconsciously or not) go easy on you and be more likely to praise rather than criticise. Professionals can only go on what is written on the page.

Not only that, but expert editors and proofreaders are extremely well versed and up to date with grammar usage and writing conventions that you may not even be aware of. This gives your work a professional feel that you simply may not have been able to achieve on your own, and also gives you the peace of mind to present your finished work without any niggling doubts as to its quality.

Gone Girl – A Novel Review

Gone Girl – A Novel Review

Gone Girl is a novel written by Gillian Flynn, an acclaimed great suspense writer of the present time. As a bestseller of New York Times, this novel tells a story about a marriage that became terribly wrong. It is a mix of a deliciously chilling prose and sharp-edged wit that creates a nerve-terrifying thrill for the reader. In this Gone Girl review, people can realize that this is a must-read novel.

Gone Girl Summary

It is a warm summer morning at North Carthage, Missouri and it is the 5th wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy. Gifts are being wrapped and preparations are ongoing when Nick’s beautiful and clever wife disappeared from their rented mansion along the Mississippi River. Nick, who is supposed to be worried, is not doing anything. Rather, he is hallucinating about a slope and the head of his wife. The passages written from Amy’s diary show that she is a perfectionist and she could place anyone on a dangerous edge. Being pressured by the authorities, media, and Amy’s angry parents, Nick experiences endless deceits, lies, and a bad behavior. He is oddly evasive and is really bitter. However, it is still unknown if he is the killer.

As the police officers are closing in, the couples in the town are wondering if how well they know about the person they love. Nick found himself a person at his side – his twin sister Margo, who is standing with him in his innocence. However, if Nick did not do it, then where is his beautiful wife? Moreover, why is a silvery gift box found at the back of Amy’s bedroom closet?

Gillian Flynn is known for her psychological insight trademark and a razor-sharp writing. Her delivery of ingeniously plotted, devilishly dark, and fast-paced thriller shows that she is one of the best writers today.