Tony Mork: One Specialist’s Quest To Fix Failed Spine Surgeries

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            Many people around the globe have various body issues that adversely affect their lives. Spinal cord injury is one of them and is increasingly proving a continual challenge to a number of people. This problem can be acute, lasting for less than six months, or chronic, whereby the affected suffers for over six months. You could have been faced with this great problem or someone close to you has, and now its time to start looking 
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Dr Tony Mork: How Should You Care For Yourself After Spinal Surgery?

The first thing that comes to the patients mind is the likely size of the wound. How big will be the size of the wound? According to Dr Tony Mork, wound size depends on the patients body size and the kind of operation performed. Smaller wounds result from smaller incisions such as those used in micro-discectomy, where the incision size is around 2.5 cm (1 inch long). However, the patients should expect to have bigger wounds if the operation is spinal fusion or laminectomy, where larger incisions are used.

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Managing And Treating PostOp Spine Pain: FAQS With Dr Tony Mork

The end of surgery has come and you are about to be discharged, but are you aware of the medication you should carry home with you? Well, if you thought that by opting for surgery you were through with your days relying on drugs, then you need to review your resolve. They will still be necessary until you are fully healed. Dr Tony Mork advises patients to ask their physicians about the drugs and to make sure that they are given sufficient supply for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Remember you will not be moving around to look for … Read the rest