Submit A Note That Looks Quite Genuine

Many organizations follow very strict rules and regulations as far as the paid leave is concerned. The company provides a certain number of days as paid leave under the HR policies and if you use more than the days prescribed, you would surely be questioned. On the other hand there are many reasons to take a break from your office. And due to the heavy pressure and workload, you would prefer to take a break purely to refresh and relax your mind. The company may not accept such leave without a valid reason. In order to handle such situations you … Read the rest

Using Doctor’s Notes With Discretion

A real and a fake doctor’s note have the difference that one can be downloaded freely from the internet unlike the other. When such Doctors Note have some real signatures, name and designation adding to the letter pad on them, they can no longer be distinguished. Internet and websites have made it possible undoubtedly. There are unimaginably natural looking templates that are available on the internet which would in no way let you distinguish between the real and the fake one.

Smart students have been using them for around quite some time but the board of members whom they submit … Read the rest