Hire A Lawyer Even In Family Law Cases

I have a good friend that practices family law in Rhode Island. This family lawyer is very good at what she does and always tries to make sure that everything turns out the best that it can for her client. But things do not always end up that way. But that does not mean that she won’t try each and every time.

I have heard about a lot of people that try and represent themselves in family law cases. Most people think that because they are dealing with someone that they know very well who is a part of their … Read the rest

How do you Become a Divorce Lawyer?

A person who desires to become a divorce lawyer will need approximately seven years of training. This person must also pass the state bar exam to obtain the appropriate credentials. However, obtaining the necessary items to become a divorce lawyer can set that person up to live a fruitful life, as the need for people to represent them in divorce cases continually increases. A person with the appropriate credentials can make a salary of $40,000 to $103,000 per year helping others to resolve family related issues. Careers in this field are expected to increase by 10 percent well into the … Read the rest

The Economic Impact on Divorce

Under Indiana divorce law, property is to be divided equitably, which is not necessarily equal. Equitably means fair under the circumstances. Where the parties are unable to agree how their property should be divided, the court must decide. When the court decides it starts with the presumption that dividing the property equally is fair. However, either party may rebut that presumption by submitting evidence or testimony which demonstrates why equal would not be fair.

A court may consider the following factors when deciding how to come up with an equitable division of property: Whether the property was acquired by one … Read the rest