High Speed Sawmill Machines

In the airbag option, when the arm tool is pulled away from the center of the ring, it compresses the air withing the bag, which in turn, by being compressed, exerts the necessary force to press the arm tools into the lug. This force is so great that makes the ring very hard to rotate, and therefore the biggest motor of the machine is used to spin the rotary ring. The ring debarker also has a pair of outfeed rolls to provide support and direct the debarked lugs to the outfeed conveyor, where the finished lugs are carried out of the machine. The outfeed rolls and conveyor are very similar in function and design to their infeed counterparts.

Ring debarkers are high speed sawmill machines, having a linear speed with an order of magnitude of tens of meters per minute, and are very reliable. They are mainly used to debark softwood, with medium to small trunk diameter size. Usually the ring is fixed in one position, but there are also machines with a sliding ring, but with this design the feeding speed gets compromised and therefore is more suitable to use in low to medium speed applications. Some machines can have more than one ring to provide improved bark removal quality, specially when debarking species of trees with a very fibrous bark. In this setup, there is an extra set of rolls between the two rings to provide support. Both rings have independent pressure system and are counter-rotating. This comes with many benefits, such as enhancing the capacity of the ring debarker to provide higher feeding speeds, making it a very high speed ring debarker.

Many advantages are provided by the ring debarker, however, every application is different and a careful analysis must be carried to select the best type of debarking application.

What To Consider When Choosing An Apron Feeder

When choosing an apron feeder consider the following;

1. Reliability and ease of maintenance.

A good apron must be reliable for usage and easy to maintain. Therefore, consider one that is made from a quality strong material like steel and has the right chains and rollers.

2. Durability

Since an apron feeder is used in mining and quarrying operations, it must be made of a durable material. Steel is one of the strongest and heavy material that can withstand heavy weights and rugged edges hence making it durable. It can also withstand extremely sharp, hot and cold materials without damage.

3. Size

An apron feeder should have chains of the correct size while the head and tail shafts should have large diameters for effective handling of materials.

In addition to the above, consider an apron feeder that is made of standard cast manganese pans, one that has variable speed drives, carry rollers that can be changed without need of raising the chain and one with wide apron pans.

It is also important to get one with a good length designed for the control of the rate at which feeding is done so as to help minimize chances of excess loads on the belt conveyor and other equipment.

An apron feeder made of high quality components helps in reducing maintenance cost as it can operate efficiently under heavy use without breaking down.

A good apron feeder also should have a hopper built properly to allow large volumes of materials to be fed into the belt. This also will enable the process to go faster as materials are poured more quickly.

An apron feeder installed under a hopper or bin is efficient since the hopper deposits materials being dumped by bulldozers, shovels or any other tool into another equipment. The rate at which this done can be easily controlled by adjusting the belt.

Advantages Of Belt Feeders



They are designed to be rugged and durable. They are weather proof and can be installed outdoors. The belt is tough and can withstand rough weather and carry rocky materials with little or no wear.


these feeders can carry a wide range of materials. They can be used to carry materials ranging from flour to small rocks in a mining field. They are ideal for both irregular and regular shaped materials. Some feeders also have variable Frequency drives (VFD). These means the speed of feeding can be adjusted.


Belt feedersare a relatively inexpensive method of transferring materials from one place to another. They require very little human supervision and maintenance. They can also transfer materials to elevated points. Electric motors used are efficient and do not consume a lot of power.


Any moving system has safety issues and belt feeders are not an exception. Feeders placed in high risk areas have metal covers on the belt and the rollers. Most belt feeders are designed to be switched on and off remotely, however, they have manual switches at the physical location so that in case of an emergency they can be switched off.

Belt feeders are an economical way on moving materials from one point to another. They consume low power and can move bulky materials. They are widely used in mining fields to transfer rocky materials from the mine to a processing plants or to awaiting trucks. They are essential in material handling industries like grain handling companies. They are used to move grains safely and efficiently from one bin to another.

Manufacturers Of Drum Debarkers

The machines have been found to be cost effective and easily maintained while offering a dramatic increase in productivity along with enabling the lowering of operation costs which would then give any firm a competitive edge.

Drum debarkers are available in a range of sizes from 2.7m 4m in diameter size and are adjustable to accommodate any length of log that may need to be passed through.

With the ability to produce anything from 15 tonnes per hour up to 400 tonnes per hour it is easy to see why the machinery is a valuable asset within any company.

Numerous companies may be found using a drum debarker if involved in relevant processes including:

Hardwood and paper organizations.
Cutting wood veneers
Making telegraph poles and fence posts.

Consumers found that by using the machine there was less wastage from cutting the wood and as you could set the machine to an automatic setting additional staff were no longer required to run the machinery in a more hands on capacity.

Even the small business owners have benefited from the invention of drum debarkers as portal models began to be manufactured across the US so that they could still continue their work to the best of their ability.

There are many manufacturers of drum debarkers across the US now and they can all be easily found online or in your local directory. No matter what your business requirements are there will be a machine available which will suit your needs.