Swim Faster With The Right Swim Wear

These days swimmers had been able to swim faster with the help of correct swim wear due to advancement of technologies. You can enjoy the experience of swimming with correct swimsuit and goggles.

In the old days the main purpose of swimwear was mainly for fashion wear but thanks to technology having those advance swimsuits can certainly makes you swim faster. This trend is started by Speedo’s LZR Racer swimsuit during 2008 Olympics where 23 out of 25 world records was broken because of correct swimsuit. You can also find Minimale Animale via vidasoleil.

These performance enhancement swimsuits are designed by material called Elastane-nylon and polyurethane. Those materials help the body to be in a more hydrodynamic position and help reduce drag in the water, permitting the swimmer to swim quicker than usual. Since the Olympics a lot more advance swimsuit had been develop and additional surpass the LZR Racer bathing suit.

Another benefit of wearing swimsuit is that it helps you to keep your body warm when swimming in cold temperature water. This is a great advantage for any person that is doing open water swimming as the temperature in the sea or lake is generally much colder compare to the swimming pool. If you are doing Triathlon boating, in that case a swimsuit is surely important.

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