Post-workout Shake Ingredients & Six Pack Foods For Muscle Building

Post-workout shake ingredients
1.25g whey protein Whey protein helps to reduce muscle damage and delayed onset muscle soreness, says sports nutritionists Laurent Bannock. It also helps you to build muscle size, strength and power. Besides that, figuring out how much protein to build muscle is crucial for you to pack your muscle in no time.
2.50g carbohydrates These stimulate the bodys hormonal response to insulin which increases the absorption of whey into the muscles, says Bannock. They also help to refuel your glycogen supplies, which will have been depleted by exercise.
3.5g creatine This increases your muscle size by drawing more water into the muscle cells and replenishing the muscles creatine stores, says Bannock.
4.2-5g BCAAs These provide extra amino acids that enhance the recovery components of the whey protein, helping to heal damaged muscle tissue and promote growth, says Bannock.
5.5-8g L-glutamine This will provide a further hit of amino acids to aid recovery, help strengthen damaged muscle tissue and boost your immune system, says Bannock.
6.Water Water will enhance your bodys absorption of the shake and assist its transportation through the gut, says Bannock. Ideally it should be either filtered or bottled.

Six-pack foods
1.Olives are high in monounsaturated fats, which research has found can help to reduce central body-fat distribution in areas such as the abdomen.
2.Beef is the best muscle building diet. It provides a rich supply of protein and creatine, which increases muscle size by drawing more water into the bodys muscle cells, including your abs.
3.Cheddar is full of protein and conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, a naturally occurring fatty acid that has been proven to build muscle and reduce body fat, according to studies.
4.Eggs contain all the amino acids needed for lean muscle tissue growth on your abs. They are also a great source of zinc, which helps the body to produce testosterone.
5.Peanuts contain plenty of muscle-building protein and tryptophan, which helps the body to regulate appetite and therefore reduces the urge to snack.
6.Tuna is a great source of testosterone-boosting zinc as well as selenium, which kills off harmful free radicals that interfere with muscle growth.

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