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There are so many names for different types of special controllers such as modded controller, swift fire controller, turbo mod that basically assist you to convert a single-fire weapon as part of your favorite first person shooter game into a computerized weapon.

There are a few different types of modded controllers so let’s check out them first. On this page we’ll tell you the best way to get hold of them and in what situations and types of games you can use these “rapid fireplace controllers”.

Types involving Rapid Fire Controller Mods

You’ll find two major styles or types of rapid fire controllers: the particular button style mod and also trigger (stealth) mods. Both equally are good mods and also both offer a number of advantages during game play. One can contact explorevapor services to get advanced vapor mod kits.

mod-kitsRapid Fire Button Mods

The first kind of mod is switch style mod. In essence, the term “button”, is the term for the buttons about the back of the particular modded controller of which control the swift fire function of the controller. Some button mods require you to hold down the particular button while positioning down the trigger on your own controller to make it possible for the mod. These kinds of mods are deemed inferior to other forms of controller mods since you always have to hold on to down the button for the rapid fire to function.

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