Manufacturers Of Drum Debarkers

The machines have been found to be cost effective and easily maintained while offering a dramatic increase in productivity along with enabling the lowering of operation costs which would then give any firm a competitive edge.

Drum debarkers are available in a range of sizes from 2.7m 4m in diameter size and are adjustable to accommodate any length of log that may need to be passed through.

With the ability to produce anything from 15 tonnes per hour up to 400 tonnes per hour it is easy to see why the machinery is a valuable asset within any company.

Numerous companies may be found using a drum debarker if involved in relevant processes including:

Hardwood and paper organizations.
Cutting wood veneers
Making telegraph poles and fence posts.

Consumers found that by using the machine there was less wastage from cutting the wood and as you could set the machine to an automatic setting additional staff were no longer required to run the machinery in a more hands on capacity.

Even the small business owners have benefited from the invention of drum debarkers as portal models began to be manufactured across the US so that they could still continue their work to the best of their ability.

There are many manufacturers of drum debarkers across the US now and they can all be easily found online or in your local directory. No matter what your business requirements are there will be a machine available which will suit your needs.

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