Make Your Travel Fund Fat

Financial conditions have increasingly dropped. The value of money has gone down. People are losing jobs. But here I am going around the world. You might think I am moneyed, but I am not. It has always been a mystery to people around me how I am able to travel and has the capability to buy cheap flights to Spain, most especially. But how am I be able to book for cheap flights to Alicante Spain and everywhere else, reserve rooms in exotic places, and take advantage of tours and adventures overseas?

Well, here’s my secret: I manage my finances carefully. A lot of people dream about travelling to new places, but they don’t consider doing the most basic thing of all, which is, producing enough travel money. What most people don’t know is that with perseverance and a little sacrifice, they can generate enough money to finance their sojourn. Additionally, there are travel package’s that you can take advantage of to make your dream travel a possibility.

1. It’s childish but I do keep a piggy bank! Don’t laugh because this really helped me. Minor expenses are taken out from money saved from my coin bank. Meaning, I can spare my travel fund from further withdrawals, and allot it for bigger and more important travel expenses. I took a transparent empty soda bottle and cut a slot on its side. It’s very nice to see all those saved coins piling up.

2. I cut back on my spending. Before the travel bug hit me, I used to smoke, go out clubbing with friends during weekends, and shop for the latest gadgets. But soon, when I got addicted to travelling, I realized that I need as much savings as I can. This means, I cannot maintain a lavish lifestyle if I wish to travel. I decided to cut down on these unnecessary expenses. The result? I was able to save a hundred British pounds a month, which is sufficient to buy an airline ticket to a destination or a hotel stay for a few nights.

3. I sell unnecessary things. After thoroughly cleaning my house, I ended up with a lot of stuff that I don’t use anymore. Clothes, old toys, unused gadgets, extra furniture, and extra kitchen utensils just added to the clutter. I held a yard sale and sold the items. Thus, I was able to generate money to be injected in my travel fund. This strategy does not just boost my travel money, but it makes my house cleaner than ever.

4. I used my talent to generate money. I have a way with kids, so I offer myself to babysit the toddlers in my neighborhood. Sometimes, I “dog sit” for my neighbors by caring for their beloved canines while they are at work or away for a vacation. And at times, I “house sit” for them when they are away. The income I pooled, of course, goes to my travel fund.

5. I always thoroughly research the place that I’ll be visiting so that I’ll have a clear idea on my expenses on food, accommodations, transportation, activities, and other things. To do this, I refer to travel guidebooks, travel review sites, travel blogs that feature itineraries, and several other references.

Well, those are my secrets. Now it’s time to apply them so you can travel around the world like me! Visit more tips about cheapest holidays to Spain for a memorable vacation.

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