Leverage Your Content Across Apple’s iCloud

The versatility of Apple’s iCloud service has finally convinced me to transition away from the PC. It’s not that I don’t like the PC. It has served me well all these years. But Apple products along with their OS-X and iOS operating systems are quickly winning the home market and for good reason. Apple lets me leverage my personal content among all of my personal devices.

Everything from music, movies, books, and applications have been uploaded to iCloud when I bought them. They then became immediately available on all of my Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook Pro. I feel completely comfortable that Apple is hosting the products I purchase on their cloud service.

I recently downloaded my first movie from iTunes on my Mac. Later on while riding the bus home from work I was browsing on my iPhone when I discovered that the movie I bought earlier was there. Imagine my excitement as I plugged my earbuds in and watched part of the movie on the ride home.

Of course, there is a small rub to the whole process. While the first 5GB of data is on the house, you will need to purchase additional space on iCloud as you expand your content. Five GB seems like a lot of space but in this day and age that can quickly be filled up. An extra 10GB of space on this Apple hosting service can be bought for about $20 per year. All the more reason to move on over to Apple products.

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