Learning From A Relationship Break-Up

Almost everyone who enters a romantic relationship is eventually disappointed. We all wonder why this happens. At the beginning, a woman may feel euphoric and that she has at last found “true love”. A man may feel extremely fortunate to have become involved with a woman who, in his dreams, he would not have expected to have chosen him.

The ending is painful for one or both partners. But, unfortunately, an ending does almost always come. Either one of the partners becomes lazy in contributing to the relationship, begins to see faults that were at first not apparent or finds that once the romance of beginnings passes, there is little else to keep the relationship together. It is a great help to be able to talk openly and honestly with one’s partner to discover why the relationship is ending and whether it could be saved.

However, most couples do not talk in this way, either because they are unable or unwilling. For this reason, it is vital to get relationship counselling from a well-qualified trusted and perhaps highly recommended health professional. If either partner is unwilling to take this last vital step, there is little hope for the continuation of a happy relationship. The ending is painful and difficult to accept and the person who feels most hurt may seek counselling alone. With deep thought and exploration of the events that led to the the break-up, a better relationship is very likely possible for a person who truly seeks to improve their weaknesses, let go of their illusions and better learn how to create an honest, satisfying relationship with a new partner in the future.

Learning From A Relationship Break-Up by
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