Is It Necessary to Have a Profanity Filter On Your Site?

The majority online businesses rely on their blogs and social networks to interact with their customers. These are also popular ways to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. You have to deal with some challenges when you have a blog, social network profile or even a website where visitors can post their content or comment. You may have visitors who post indecent comments. You may have guest bloggers who post inappropriate images and content on your blog.

Google as well as other prominent search engines are very strict now. They easily detect profane content and blacklist websites that post inappropriate comments or images. You may have your website blacklisted even before you know of the post. Spammers can easily bring down your website through black hat methods like posting inappropriate stuff on your website. You need to be prepared for such challenges when you have an online business. Here is how you can use a profanity filter and how you must deal with profanity on the websites and social networks:

Moderate the content that is posted on your blog. Block keywords that are commonly a sign of profanity. Block swearing words and words that may be used just by spammers.

On big social networking websites like Facebook, you may simply activate the profanity filter. Facebook will decide what content must be regarded as profane. You may even add image filtering options to your website. This ensures that irrelevant, obscene and profane images do not show up on your website. You may even have separate filters for filtering out unwanted videos and content from your website.

Why is it vital to have a profanity filter?

You may have a simple website on car tires. A visitor to your website will be a buyer of automobiles or someone interested in vehicles. Profane images and videos may just scare him away and he may never return to your website. This way you will lose a customer.

Search engines regard relevancy as an important factor in the SEO of a website. The profane videos, language and images are surely not going to be relevant to your website. Search engines may penalize you and blacklist you as a spam website. Install a profanity filter and secure your website.

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