Information Regarding Lap Band surgery

The initial step of lap band surgery is to make a series of small incisions on upper part of the stomach of lap band patient and in this part the instrument named laparoscope is inserted. The laparoscope has a small camera and some surgical tools attached along with it to help the surgeon in properly visualizing and placing the Lap-Band device.

Secondly, lap band which is made up of silicone placed around the top of your stomach and this lap band is like a belt in shape and is kept placed securely with the aid of stitches. Now, the other end of the lap band which has a port is placed underneath the skin on the upper part of the abdomen. This port enables the lap band device to be inflated over time so that the patient can speed up his weight loss process.

Lap band surgery is usually done in an hour approximately and then in some cases, surgeon recommends you to stay overnight or not depending upon your condition.

The reason of the weight loss is the inflating of lap band. A surgeon will actually inject some saline into the port which helps in the inflating of the band. Inflation of band makes the passage to the lower part of the stomach really smaller which in turn restrict the intake of food. Also, if it is too tight then doctor can easily retract some of the fluid.

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