Indoor Gas Fire Pit Installation

Gas fueled fire pits are very popular for indoor use as they are cleaner and safer to use in the home; however there are still some precautions you need to take when using a gas fire pit inside your house.

Gas fueled fire pits are very safe but if the hose connections are not fitted 100% air tight there is a possibility of gas being released into the environment. This raises two issues, an unpleasant odor and the risk of the leaking gas igniting. And this might turn into a major fire accident.There are two things you can do to minimize the potential of either of these issues:-

1.Use C-clips to further tighten the seal between the hose and the coupling on the fire pit unit. The connecting hose when purchased should be a tight fit and C-clips not necessary, however after a period of time the hose material may soften and not be as tight.

2.Ensure there is at least some air circulating in the home, this will spread any gas into the surrounding air and effectively dilutes the concentration, making it less likely to ignite.

As with an indoor solid fuel fire pit, keep it positioned away from soft furnishings and furniture, thus reducing any risk of a spreading fire.

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