How Optical Solutions Can Help In Determing Thin Film Thickness

The film thickness gauge measures the dimension of a variety of geometrical substances up to 300mm in diameter. It also computes various types of mapping patterns such as polar, linear, square & random coordinates. It is a detector process which accelerates the film thickness measurement process. The tool with advanced optics is designed in a way that it greatly contributes in enhancing its process performance.

To study the optical properties of a narrow film, various film thickness measurement techniques and tools are been used. A tool named Microspectrophotometer is used. Same properties are studied for thick coatings over a micron region. Other names of this tool are microreflectometer, micro-reflectometer, microspectrometer, microphotometer (Spectroscopic), microspectroscopic photometer etc. A UV visible spectrophotometer is used as it covers from DUV to infrared ranges. The choice of range depends on several factors like thickness of narrow film, thick coating & appropriate wavelength range for reflectance or transmittance.

This UV visible spectrophotometer is simple to operate as it also has Window based application. It is convenient to make use of setup & small table top design makes it most preferable & increases its performance. This equipment allows obtaining reflection, transmission & absorption spectra in milliseconds. It is also suitable to make use of for actual time spectra & refractive index supervision. The process comes with complete optical constants database & library for its user. It also facilitates user to make use of NK table or composite model (EMA) for individual film. The thickness up to 200mm of size can be measured using this.

How Optical Solutions Can Help In Determing Thin Film Thickness by
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