How Is Food Related To Acne

Many diseases are caused by the food we consume. Food may have to be regulated during the treatment of diseases. Acne is no exception to this. Severe acne can come in the way of work and life of the patient. Some sacrifice in the diet is a necessity in the search for prevention as well as cure of the despised disease. The patients cannot afford to forget this in finding an answer for the issue of how to get rid of acne fast.

Food items having oils and fats can increase the blood sugar level rapidly. This triggers hormonal imbalance and sebum oil is produced excessively. The oil gets clogged in the pores of the skin resulting in acne. Dairy products have not only fats, but also induce the body to produce hormones and insulin. They cause pimples in the face.

Processed food has a lot of additives in the form of preservatives and artificial color and flavors. The toxicity contained in this food is removed by the body through skin among other organs. In this process of removal, allergies including acne surface in the skin. Refined sugar comes in the way of assimilation of calcium and magnesium required for the health of the skin. It causes dry skin and acne. Caffeine also increases secretion of hormones in the body and causes acne.

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