How Good Is Your Website Building Company?


I am a that decided three years ago that I desired to generate or build my own sites.

The company I use to assist me not only has ALL the tools and All the advice and ALL the assistance and can show ALL that it says and is SO cheap to buy, today it surprised me AGAIN.

It seems that they had a tiny setback with of the tools they provide. This gizmo is a major gizmo for all of us who are building sites. You can also visit wix-reviews, etc. for more help.

Did they deny the issue? No.

Did they try to pass the blame onto someone else? No.

Did they try to hide from lots of angry customers? Again, no.

Here is what they did.

They sent an e-mail out to everyone, yes that is right everyone telling us that there was a controversy AND APOLOGIZING PROFUSELY!

In addition they compensated us for the inconvenience by adding credits to the gizmo that was affected.

They kept in contact with us all through a forum which was simple to locate and use.

They received lots of, lots of words of encouragement from lots of net site builders fundamentally saying – thanks for the additional credits and no issue with the glitch.

Then the company advised after lots of testings that the issues were all fixed and they were nice to go.

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