Green Coffee Bean Extract

Regular coffee, sought by many coffee lovers, contains roasted coffee bean extract which gives out its unique aroma. These coffee beans are basically brown since these are roasted in order to increase the antioxidant levels, but on the other hand, lower the chlorogenic acid levels of the beans. This chlorogenic acid is believed to reduce the absorption of glucose and lower the hyperglyceric peak, which helps regulate post-meal blood sugar of a person. In green coffee, on the other hand, the beans are left unroasted which also leaves the chlorogenic acid levels rich and evident.

This is then believed to be very significant in weight loss although there had not been clear evidences for this claim. Different dietary supplements containing green coffee bean extracts are said to be helpful in weight loss because it is thought to block out fat accumulation, however different experiments have been done by a few individuals and scientists who made different criticisms for the study. Green coffee bean extracts may not have a firm study as of this moment, but researches are currently on going to formulate a new supplement that could help people loose weight in such a way that does not harm their regular food intake routine. Try the green coffee extract and you won’t regret it.

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