Finding the Source Of Your Water in your Leaky Basement

If you have a flooded basement in Atlanta or just feel miserable about water coming into your home, if you feel in bondage about it, if you feel like you are alone and have no where to turn for a solution, you certainly are not alone! If you have a home or business with a basement, it is not at all uncommon to have water intrusion. As, most places that have a water intrusion likely have it coming in either from a basement, half basement, or a crawl space. But, before you start to call in an Atlanta foundation repair company, you may want to do a little investigation.

Now often times, you will see condensation on the wall or you may see where the paint seems to be popping off of the wall. In order to determine if the problem is water seeping in through the wall or condensation, simple attach a piece of aluminum foil or other small square to the wall. Be sure to tape all sides tight. It is important for it to be as air tight as possible in order to get as accurate results as possible.

You are going to leave the square attached in place for a few days. Be sure not to remove it until after at least two to three days have gone by. Obviously, if you remove it too early, your results may not be accurate. In addition, there just might not be a result at all!

For example, if the problem is water seeping in through the wall, you may not know that information if the square is not air tightly attached and if it is not left there long enough to collect eater.
Given that, when you return you are going to look for one of two possible outcomes. There will either be wetness on the inside of the square or there will be wetness on the outside of the square.

Wetness on the inside would seem to indicate that there is water seeping in through the wall. Wetness or dampness on the outside of the square would indicate that there is condensation on the outside of the wall.

Finding the Source Of Your Water in your Leaky Basement by
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