Enhance Your Garden With Concrete Edging

English: Maryland company "A Thru Z Strip...
English: Maryland company “A Thru Z Striping” pouring and smoothing out concrete at Palisades Park in Washington DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To create a truly attractive landscape, consider the installation of garden edging. Continuous concrete edging adds a finishing touch to your lawn, gardens, pathways and driveway. You will enhance the appearance of your property while adding value and it can be done much more reasonably than you may think.

For all types of landscape planning, creation and maintenance there is a full service concrete company that has over 15 years of experience working for major construction firms, corporate clients and residential properties. As an industry leader, they have taken great pride in improving not only the concrete they install but the equipment with which they do it. They use their tremendous experience to complete all concrete edging and paving work quickly, neatly, on time and on budget.

Beginning with a free, no-obligation estimate you can take advantage of the expertise of a company representative to find out about all of the options for decorative garden edging. There are roughly 15 colours from which you can choose to match or complement the look of your house. A number of different patterns are also available that can be stamped onto the concrete so the finished edging, borders or retaining walls look like natural stone or brick.

There are also other advantages to the concrete used by this company. Additives such as fibre mesh increase the tensile strength and durability of the concrete while others provide anti-microbial action to prevent mould and mildew. The continuous curbing eliminates edges that can be knocked off and also provides a barrier to water. Along with the increased water-tightness of the concrete itself this prevents seepage and pooling of water.

With the goal of providing an excellent product at a reasonable price, you can be sure that the work you have done will last for many years and look great. Your new concrete edging will enhance your garden and generally improve the look of your property.

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