Different Pave Engagement Ring Settings

Pave engagement ring settings have many different kinds of designs and styles. But first you have to know what a pave engagement ring setting basically is. This is a setting of a ring that is generally encrusted with small diamonds along the band of the ring to make a stunning looking band.

Most of the settings give off a stunning effect because of the encrusted small diamonds around the band. Mostly the style or the designs of the setting are just outstanding and marvellous. Few women can say no, if given an engagement ring with a proper pave design. Not only will the women be attracted to this kind of ring but even men too. You can visit http://www.eternitybyyoni.com/Pave-engagement-rings/ to see pave diamond rings.

Here are few things to be aware of while choosing a setting:
If you have this type of ring, don’t wear it for your daily use.
Regarding the cleaning this kind of engagement ring, you just need to be careful; maybe some prongs might not be strong enough to hold the small diamonds.

You must avoid wearing it when you play some sports.

Pave settings are really meant for special occasion and purposes, unlike, other designs of engagement rings that you can use daily.

Some of the designs of the pave engagement ring setting include:

Stardust pave ring setting

Channel pave setting

Tiffany pave setting

Pave set diamond

Pave set halo

The cost of this pave engagement ring setting will be expensive as the craftsmanship and the design is quite unique.

So if you want to give a ring with a pave setting, you must be sure that you have the budget for it. It will be less expensive if you use colour gemstone instead of diamonds. You can select any gemstone of your desire.

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