Diamond Color and Grade Buying Guide

Color is one of the most important variables to consider when choosing a diamond because among the very first things most people see is whether or not the diamond is white, or, more correctly, colorless. It’s also among the most important factors affecting value.

Color refers to the natural body color of a diamond. The finest and most expensive, “white” diamonds are absolutely colorless. Natural colored diamonds are called fancy diamonds.

Just how to take a look at a diamond to judge color?

In white diamonds, color differences from grade to the very next can be very subtle, along with a difference of several marks is tough to see when a diamond is mounted. Keep in mind it is impossible to correctly level color in a mounted diamond.
Because of diamond’s high brilliance and dispersion, the color grade cannot be correctly determined by studying the rock in the top, or faceup, place. It’s best to watch colour by analyzing the rock through the pavilion with the table down. Use a flat white surface for example a white business card, or perhaps a trough, which can be be bought from the jewelry provider or the Gemological Institute of America, GIA. Then see the stone with all the pavilion side down and the culet pointing toward you.

What is diamond body color?

We’re referring an excessive amount of yellow when we discuss diamond body colour or brownish tint is visible in a white (colorless) diamond.

Now, most colorless diamonds within America and in an increasing amount of other countries are graded in alphabetical scale beginning with all the letter D, which designates the finest, rarest, most entirely colorless diamond, and continuing down through the entire alphabet to the letter Z. Each letter after D reveals increasing quantities of yellowish (or brownish) tint to the body color.

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