Confessions Of A Hopefully-Not-Soon-To-Be Single Mom

I’ve discovered I have a terrible weakness for cocktails. Especially those containing with Bacardi. Give me anything with a little of that stuff in it, and I’ll completely lose control. I found this out last weekend while over at a friend’s house for my birthday. I had left my two young kids with my husband and went over to visit them. I remember we were watching television and having a lot of laughs. Their cats were giving birth that night, so it seemed like an extra-special occasion to down as many cocktails as I could.

Unfortunately I don’t remember anything else of that night. I remember only waking up at home the next day at home, with a big headache and an angry husband. Whew! I wish I could remember what I did, but I don’t, so that’s probably it for me. My cocktail drinking days need to come to an end, rapidly. I can’t help think about the fun time I was having though, up until I blacked out. I will have to ask my friends to fill in what happened while I was over there, since my husband has decided that we aren’t talking. I hope I haven’t done anything too stupid.

Confessions Of A Hopefully-Not-Soon-To-Be Single Mom by
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