Compacting Domestic Waste

Wheelie bin compactors are a great solution for those who regularly exceed their wheelie bins capacity. With the ever increasing threat that charges will be imposed for those whose bins are left overflowing or for additional bin bag collection, the wheelie bin compactor could be the perfect solution to any future waste disposal problems.

A wheelie bin compact is simple to use and relatively inexpensive to buy. It can reduce your household waste disposal volume by as much as 75% over a prolonged period of time.

Benefits of a Wheelie Bin Compactor include:

Easy and safe to operate by just one person
Save money in waste removals costs
Compact with minimal space required
Quick and simple to install and low noise level
Compacts waste volume by up to 75%

There are various wheelie bin compactor designs which can be used for both domestic and commercial use. They are designed to handle light to medium volumes and are easily operated by just one person. With rubbish collections becoming less frequent, the compactor is a great way to make sure that you can fit more waste into your bin. The compactor can crush both domestic waste as well as being used to crush organic waste such as garden clipping, grass cuttings and general garden waste.

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