Christmas Is Round The Corner What About Kids Party Dresses?

The festive season is here at last and everyone is gearing up either to attend or throw parties. Many such parties will include kids too. So as a parent, what are the kinds of Christmas party dresses do you have in mind for your kids? Here are some tips to set you thinking:

-Have you thought of little girls clothes (or “roupas infantis menina” in Portuguese) that look like a gown with long gloves for your baby girl? Of course floral patterns are all-time favorites during this time of the year. If your daughter is prancing and dancing all the time, get her a bright yellow pinafore. Party dresses that have lacework always stand out.

-Little boys could look extremely stylish if they wear a three-piece suit with a bow or a tie. What about a silk shirt? These days there are such amazing printed kids clothes (or “roupas de criancas” in Portuguese) available in silk materials in shirt boutiques. Or you could think of a velvet trousers, preferably in black, immaculate white shirt, a belt made of satin and a blue and red sweater.

-Some parents prefer custom-made dresses for their children during this season. You have a host of manufacturers who make custom-designed clothing for kids and the job of selecting one should not be a problem.

-It is a great idea to make the father and son wear the same style and colors of suits.

-You have a wide range of Christmas party dresses even for infants. One-piece rompers with matching head piece with a specific animal motif looks very cute. The pullover shirt with snowman designs can also be the perfect choice of dress for the kid on such a special occasion.

-Though common, dressing up as Santa never ceases to please the eye. The Santa caps are now famous round the world and why not buy one for every one in the family to wear during such parties?

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