I Holidayed With Argentina Tour Packages Last Year

When I went on holiday in December last year, I decided to book one of the popular argentina tour packages. I was very happy with the package that I chose because it was reasonably priced and also included my accommodation, travel, flight transfer and meals.

In Argentina, I stayed in a five star full board hotel. This meant that all of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners were included in the cost of my holiday. The only things I had to pay for in the hotel were spa treatments and alcoholic beverages. Fortunately, I am not a big drinker, so … Read the rest

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A Beautiful Breakfast on Sanibel Island

A breeze blows gently through the curtains of our rustic island cottage and tell us in soft, flowing, whispers that morning has come. It is the time to enjoy coffee while viewing the magnificent blues of the ocean and smelling the salty, purifying, air. Deep breaths are taken as the night slips into day and the sun peaks its shiny head over the horizon.

As coffee drains, stomachs start to growl. Todays path leads us to the Over Easy caf for a brunch worth writing about. Their smoked eggs Benedict is both fresh and bursting with flavors that instantly satisfy … Read the rest

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Working in Germany

Germany is one of the wealthiest and largest countries in the EU and offers a great choice of jobs and has a thriving economy. Germany is one of the worlds largest importers of all kinds of products such as cars, electronics, coal, iron, steel and food and drink. Germany has the fifth largest economy in the world and as such makes an attractive proposition when looking for work and earning a high standard of living.

The job market is particularly strong for skilled workers, especially in the engineering, IT and manufacturing sectors. The country is efficient and organised and this … Read the rest

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Working and Living in Germany

Germany is now home to over 100,000 British expats and you only need to look at the attractions to easily see why. A thriving economy, excellent job opportunities and one of the most efficient transport networks in the world has seen Germany grow into the worlds fifth largest economy. The job market in Germany is particularly strong, especially in the areas of Information technology, manufacturing and engineering. Germany is also one of the worlds largest importers of everything from world class cars to specialist food and drink.

Making removals to Germany is easy. As a UK citizen and a member … Read the rest

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A Few Tips Before you Move to Spain

Spain offers a wonderful landscape and a whole range of new experiences for ex pats. From idyllic beaches to handsome mountain ranges and thats not to mention some top food and wines. However, moving to Spain is not a super simple move to paradise, so here are a few things you should know before you go.

When dealing with any area of Spanish bureaucracy, you can be certain that no matter how many documents you take along there will always be one missing. Before you go, check, double check and check again for every bit of paper you think you … Read the rest

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How Much Should You Spend On An IPod Docking Station?

There are literally hundreds of different iPod docks available on the market these days thanks to the popularity of Apple’s portable devices. If you are considering to get a dock for your iPod or iPhone then you will be faced with docks starting at $10 to docks costing several thousands of dollars. How much should you invest to get a good-quality dock. In this essay, I’ll offer some common-sense pointers which should help you narrow the range of how much money you should spend.

First of all you’ll need to figure out which functions you’ll require. The most cost-effective docks … Read the rest

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