Castor oil Packs

Castor oil from the castor bean plant Ricinus communis has been used therapeutically since ancient times; pharmaceutical and medical references to castor oil date back to the seventeenth century. Castor oil is used topically in a castor oil pack to enhance the functioning of the lymphatic system and the immune system. It is also a powerful detoxifier, drawing toxins out of the body from as deep as 4 inches (10 cm) below the surface. (This means they can be used to break up cellulite.) To make a castor oil pack, you will need: a large wool or flannel cloth (I use an old flannel sheet, cut up) plastic wrap a bath towel pure, cold-pressed free castor oil a hot water bottle old clothes To make the pack, fold the flannel cloth so it is six layers thick. Pour enough castor oil onto the cloth so the cloth is wet but not dripping.

Lie on an old sheet or towel and apply the cloth to the area you wish to detoxify, then cover the pack with the plastic wrap. Apply gentle heat from the hot water bottle for at least one hour. If you want to sleep while using the pack, apply the pack, cover with plastic, wrap a towel around the entire area, and secure it with ties or pins. The pack should be applied for a minimum of one hour. For general detoxification, apply the pack over the liver area, from below the right nipple straight down to the waist. Wipe the skin after treatment. Castor packs can be applied daily. You may keep the cloth pack in a plastic container for future use, adding more castor oil as the cloth dries out. Castor oil pack treatments are essential in helping break up cellulite.

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